Ontario, Canada Invests In The Construction Of A New P25 Public Safety Radio Network

Date:Oct 21, 2019


Recently, the Ontario government of Canada announced the selection of Bell Mobile to rebuild the core components of the public safety radio network. The $765 million agreement will be used to rebuild core infrastructure, maintain new radio networks, which will help ensure public safety.

“Every second is important in a crisis. Replacing an emergency radio network is not only important for public safety, but it should have been done long ago,” said Ontario Governor Doug Ford. “We are confident that this investment will enable our first responders to have access to reliable, advanced radio networks in the first place so they can do their jobs and ensure the safety of our families and communities.”

Under the project will:

Establish terrestrial mobile radio networks as well as antennas, servers and data center equipment, which together will provide significant public safety radio coverage for the province;

Provide first responders and their dispatchers with state-of-the-art radios and consoles to respond quickly and efficiently in emergencies; and provide network and radio maintenance services for 15 years.

Deputy Attorney General Sylvia Jones said: "Ontario's frontline and first responders will use North America's largest and most complex public safety radio network to protect people in emergency situations." "By repairing and developing the province's radio Networking, we can improve connectivity and prevent disruptions to everyday services that block frontline and emergency responders and put public safety at risk."ontario-police

The project will ensure that more than 38,000 front-line personnel in Ontario (including police, health care workers and hospital staff, forest fire services, highway maintenance personnel, and parks, law enforcement and correctional staff) can rely on communications infrastructure, networks and emergency response The equipment needed at the time.

“The public safety radio network is an important part of our northern community infrastructure that supports emergency and law enforcement services,” said Greg Rickford, Minister of Energy, Northern Development and Mining, and Minister of Aboriginal Affairs. “The new radio network is especially important in the north, where communications and first responders must cross the most rugged terrain in North America to reach our most remote locations.”

The transition to the new network will begin in 2021 with the goal of being used by June 2023.