OPPO Demonstrates None-network Communication Technology For Mobile Phones At MWC 2019

Date:Jul 10, 2019


At the MWC show in Shanghai, China on June 26th, OPPO presented a screaming technology, “No Network Communication Technology”, which is still in the case of mobile phones without Wi-Fi, mobile networks and Bluetooth. Voice and text communication can be achieved.

The mobile phone can communicate without the network, and the longest distance can reach 3 kilometers.

This technology enables voice and text communication without the WiFi, mobile network and Bluetooth in the mobile phone. More importantly, the effective transmission distance of this technology can reach 3 kilometers. And this communication distance can be achieved in an open outdoor or urban environment.

Regarding this technology, OPPO did not elaborate on its technical principles, so it may have to wait for a while in the future. However, we suspect that the technology may use a digital communication technology similar to that of a digital walkie-talkie, which encrypts the channel and implements point-to-point, end-to-end communication.

Compared with mobile networks and Wi-Fi network communication, this technology can better protect the security of information transmission, and can realize GPS positioning within 72 hours when the mobile phone is turned off, and help the search and rescue personnel. . Therefore, this technology will use a wealth of software in extreme environments, emergency communications, and some special outdoor environments, which is still very worth looking forward to.oppo-none-network-communication-technology

OPPO said in the introduction of the technical application scene: When you are away from friends at the crowded concert scene, or you find that you have not bought a local card and can't contact your peers after flying to a foreign country, this function can be sent. It comes in handy.

From these application scenarios, we can easily find that its first competitor is the walkie-talkie. At present, the cost of a walkie-talkie is at least two. And often, the frequency of the walkie-talkie is not high, and it is idle at home.

Successfully porting non-network communication technology to mobile phones, while also increasing text transmission; this not only allows users to maintain clear voice calls in certain scenarios (especially in extreme environments without mobile or Wi-Fi networks) And text transfer, while saving a lot of overhead.