Orari Distributes Aid To Fire Victims

Date:Dec 03, 2019



Organizers of the Amateur Radio Organization of the Republic of Indonesia (ORARI) distributed assistance to victims of the Bali River fire on the Sebuku Island area in the Regency District of Kotabaru, South Kalimantan, Sunday (01/12).

Said Abd Rahman, chairman of Orari Kotabaru of IP.SE.M.IP, said Orari's caring for fire victims is an activity that has generally been shared with radio amateurs.

"It's a way of caring about sharing because Orari is sharing good information, especially when a brother is hit by such a disaster," he told staff at in South Kalimantan.

Assistance includes economic pots, goblets, washbasins and other cookware, as well as assistance in the form of baby formula (SUN) and Sweety Pampes, and we certainly hope that this will ease their burden, "he added.