Overhaul Of Emergency Radio System In Iowa County, USA

- Jan 18, 2019-



The US Story County emergency radio communication system was described by Story County Supervisor Rick Sanders as having only two sticks of efficiency, and the Sheriff Paul Fitzgerald of Story County had only the durability of "masking tape and packing line."

These statements indicate that the Story County Emergency Radio System requires a forklift upgrade or a large-scale retrofit, which may occur when a new communication system called Storycomm is proposed, which will provide a much-needed upgrade.

In recent weeks, the Story County Board of Supervisors and the Ames City Council approved a motion to sign the 28E agreement to purchase an interoperable communication system, and Iowa State University is awaiting approval - these improvements may be in progress.

The upgrade aims to improve the service and reception of the system's land mobile radio and provide stronger emergency communications.

Fitzgerald said: "For some time, our public safety communications have been wasting time." "Our current radio system is outdated and inefficient."