Pakistan Launches 5G Communication Technology Test For 3 To 4 Months

Date:Aug 08, 2019

Recently, Pakistan Telecommunications Bureau officially invited registered operators, scientific research institutions, academic institutions and related hardware manufacturers to participate in the testing of 5G network technology.

In recent years, the use of mobile data in Pakistan has soared. There are currently 71 million broadband users, of which 69 million are 3G/4G network users. Affected by the surge in demand, Pakistan's existing communication infrastructure has become insufficient, and the demand for upgrading to 5G communications is increasing. In June, the Pakistan Telecommunications Agency released a modern communication technology framework document, indicating that the 5G communication test initiated at the outset was non-commercial and could only be used for academic and scientific purposes.

According to the process, enterprises, academic or scientific research units interested in testing 5G communication networks need to apply to the Pakistan Telecommunications Bureau. After reviewing the applicant's qualifications, the latter will require the frequency band allocation bureau to allocate frequency bands to them. During the test period, the telecommunications bureau does not impose a management fee on the test unit, and the latter may not require the test user to pay the fee. According to the plan, the test will last for 3 months to 4 months, but the test unit can apply to the Pakistan Telecom Bureau for an extension of the test period. At this point, the construction of Pakistan's 5G communication network officially kicked off.