Peru Ministry Of Transport And Telecommunications Suspended 1743 Malicious Calls To Emergency Centers

Date:Jun 18, 2020



Due to a malicious emergency call emergency authorization, the Peruvian Ministry of Transport and Telecommunications (MTC) suspended a total of 1,743 fixed and fixed telephone lines.

A few days ago, the health emergency that was established to stop the spread of coronavirus began. The Peruvian government ordered the suspension of voice and data outbound services for telecommunications and voice services of subscriber lines for 30 days.

According to reports sent to MTC, the emergency centers most affected by this irresponsible behavior are the National Police (PNP) Line 105, 106 SAMU, EsSalud Line 107, 113 Infosalud Minsa, Indeci Line 115 and 117 No. EsSalud Emergency and Emergency Management Center (CRUEN).

Patricia Díaz, Director General of MTC Communications Inspection and Sanctions, said the Emergency Center is an opportunity to save the lives of any citizens who need immediate medical treatment or relief in highly dangerous situations.

He said: "Therefore, it is important to be aware of and take responsible actions to avoid saturation of the calling system."