Peru Stratospheric Balloon Brings Internet To Amazon

Date:Dec 04, 2019



In the Peruvian part of the Amazon rainforest, Internet supplies have so far been extremely scarce. For example, if you follow the figures of Google's parent company Alphabet, about a third of the population cannot access 3G or higher Internet connections. This should be implemented by a local company, Para Todos Perú, in cooperation with Alphabet. Because the signal was transmitted in the stratosphere in the context of the Loon project.

In Peru, the system has been used before

Developers have enough experience with flying objects: at the same time, more than one million flight hours of data have been recorded and analyzed. At the beginning of the year, there was also the first commercial agreement. As a result, the balloon will also provide wider Internet signal distribution in Kenya in the future. In Peru itself, the project has already carried out two activities. Among other things, the balloon provided emergency communications during the severe floods of 2017. It should now become a permanent establishment. However, the premise is that local authorities in Peru must also agree. However, experts do not expect major problems to arise in this matter.

No problem at an altitude of 20 kilometers

The Dia balloon rose to a height of about 20 kilometers. This has the advantage of avoiding conflicts with aircraft or animals. Even problematic weather conditions can easily overflow. Once in use, the balloon will then broadcast 4G network signals from the local Internet service provider. It is estimated that more than 50,000 residents in the Peruvian Amazon can expect faster data transfers. If the project proves successful there, it can be implemented in other regions in the future. However, Alphabet is not very selfless. Instead, the team did a simple calculation: The more people who have access to the fast Internet, the more people use Google Offers.