Philippines Was Affected By The Super Typhoon 'Wasp', Affecting More Than 40,000 People In 6 Provinces

Date:May 21, 2020


According to a report issued by the Philippine National Disaster Reduction Management Committee, on the 14th local time, typhoon "Wasp" made landfall along the coast of the Philippines, triggering heavy rainfall. In the afternoon of May 16, the six provinces of Eastern Visayas and Calabarzon in the Philippines were hit by typhoons, affecting a total of 40,980 people. According to statistics, a total of 70,398 people in four regions of the Philippines were affected In addition to the evacuation to the evacuation center, 243 passengers were stranded in this area.

The typhoon "Wasp" is powerful. There are six roads and one bridge in various parts of the Philippines. Communication signals and power supply have been interrupted in many provinces. Even a municipal stadium in Maslog, East Samar, has been damaged. For the Philippines, not only should tens of thousands of people be evacuated, but also to guard against the spread of the new crown virus, the people gathered in the shelters, increasing the risk of virus transmission.

Some Filipino officials said that the Philippine government is planning to halve the number of shelters to ensure the distance between people as much as possible, and issued masks to people without masks to reduce the possibility of infection, but there are reports that The relationship between the epidemic situation and many places that were used as refuges in the past have been transformed into isolation areas for suspected patients with new crowns. This also means that there are fewer refuges and it is difficult to implement a plan to reduce the number of people admitted.