Phrae Provincial Police Organize A Training Program For The Use Of Radio Communication Equipment With Frequency Synthesis

Date:Dec 28, 2020

On December 23, 2020 at the Eastern Lanna Art and Culture Convention and Exhibition Center And GM countries, Ban Kor Pao, Muang District, Pol. Pol. Maj. Manoch Meesakul, Pol. Commander, Phrae Province, chairman of the opening ceremony of the training The use of radio frequency synthesizers for Phrae Provincial Police Commissioner Prateep Sangthiam, Director of the Criteria Development Division, Rules, Statistical Database, Analysis and Evaluation of the Office of Radio Communications Licensing 1, as a lecturer with Pol. Ra Karaket, director of the Provincial Police Department, Phrae Province, said the training program for the use of radio frequency synthesis equipment (SYNTHESIZER) with Phrae Provincial Police It is an agency that brings radio frequency synthesis (SYNTHESER) to be used as a tool to coordinate the order to maintain order. Solving problems of distress for the people Command of the commander Performance reporting And reporting of various news events That occurred or may have occurred in the Phrae Province area such as fire Accident Rally demanding Asking for help As well as other causes That will have an impact on people in the Phrae Province area.



The introduction of radio communications should be used to communicate. For performing official duties And cooperate to help society widely It is often found that the illegal use of radio communication equipment is used. And cause interference until it becomes a problem in communication This is largely due to a lack of a proper understanding of the law. And regulations for the use of radio communications, such as the installation of stations and the use of radio frequencies As well as the failure to maintain communication discipline Because they have not been trained in the use of radio communication.


By announcing the Office of the Broadcasting Business Commission And the National Telecommunications Commission On the use of radio frequency synthesis (SYNTHESIZER) of government agencies and state enterprises BE 2554 requires that the person who has the right to use the radio frequency synthesis. Must be trained in the use of radio communication equipment And the national security regulations To gain knowledge and understanding of relevant laws and regulations and to learn the principles of radio communication In order to have discipline and to use radio communication equipment effectively Phrae Provincial Police recognizes the need and benefits that will be gained from training in the use of radio communication. Therefore, a training program for the use of radio frequency synthesis (SYNTHESIZER) to the police bureaucracy.


The purpose of this training was To provide the trainees with a correct understanding of radio communication laws. And related regulations, principles and discipline in the use of radio communication equipment In order to let the trainees know the communication network of Phrae Provincial Police And communication practices To enable the trainees to comply with the rules and discipline in communication and to use radio communication equipment legally. In order for the trainees to gain knowledge about the proper maintenance of radio communication equipment So that the trainees can use the radios efficiently. So that the trainees can exchange their opinions And experiences among trainees, speakers and relevant officers, target group of police officers under Phrae Provincial Police, totaling 1404 persons.


Pol. Maj. Gen. Manoch Meesakulkhun, Chief of Police, Phrae Province Phrae Provincial Police Foresees the necessity and benefits that will be gained from training in the use of radio communication, so this project was established. Especially the police officers on duty Because there were cases where the police were prosecuted in connection with radio communication. Because it is illegal to use the purchased radio yourself. If the police under Phrae Province participated in this training, there will be a certificate and a portable radio communication certificate. Which will be able to purchase a radio that is legally used It will make the work of the police officers more efficient.