POCSTARS Has Developed A Global PTT Network Service That Allows Users To Access The Server More Quickly

Date:May 29, 2020



POCSTARS has recently developed a global network service that allows operators / users to access servers quickly and efficiently. Using this PTT network service, users do not need to spend a lot of time and money to build their own communication system.

To date, POCSTARS has deployed and tested network servers as the basis of global PTT network services in many countries. Using non-proprietary network environment functions, it can implement public network service network, interoperability and unified management to seamlessly use data and applications. Unified multiple networks can flexibly use resources and tolerate business disasters. When a node fails, the failed node will quickly migrate to the nearest node with the fastest access speed to ensure smoother network access.

In order for POCSTARS to develop a seamless PTT network solution, it is very important for the company to eliminate users ’worries about infrastructure investment, delivery time, network lease, technical support, installation, deployment, version update and troubleshooting.

The new PTT network solution has all the above-mentioned advantages, enabling users to use more data functions by expanding coverage. Therefore, this solution has been welcomed by industry users and is regarded as the main PoC platform by many operators.