Portugal Reenters A State Of National Emergency To Respond To The Second Wave Of Epidemic

Date:Nov 12, 2020


Portuguese Prime Minister Costa announced in the early morning of November 8 that a curfew will be imposed in areas hardest hit by the new crown epidemic from the 9th. In accordance with relevant EU standards, Portugal has designated 121 cities and regions across the country as the hardest hit areas of the new crown epidemic. Portuguese President De Souza signed a decree on the 6th, announcing that the country will once again enter a 15-day state of emergency from the 9th to deal with the menacing second wave of the epidemic.

Portugal implemented the first national emergency in history on March 19 this year, which ended in early May after two postponements, and then entered a "disaster state" until the end of June. Entering autumn and winter, with the arrival of the second wave of epidemics, the country once again entered a "disaster state" on October 15.