Portuguese Will Be Able To Receive Alerts For Major Accidents Or Disasters

- Jan 16, 2019-

Portugal will begin issuing civil protection or municipal warnings to predict the likelihood of a serious accident or disaster, and the new system will be opened on Friday(2019.1.11).

In order to establish monitoring systems and risks, special vigilance of communication and early warning of population participation in the face of information flow between authorities and civil protective agents, technology and scientific organizations and other entities is imminent or major accidents or disasters occur.

When people receive an alert, they are facing the possibility of a major accident or disaster, being informed of self-protection measures, and taking preventable or actionable actions in a timely manner.

According to the Regulations, “preventive warnings” issue a reminder that the public is aware of the dangers of a particular geographical area. “Notice of action” has the effect of inducing people to take specific self-protection measures if a major accident occurs within a specific time period in a particular area. Or a disaster.

People can receive notifications from national, regional and regional business coordination centers, as well as civil protection municipal councils and the National Civil Defence Agency and municipal services responsible for their dissemination of civil protection.


The regulations stipulate that "the purpose of population civil defense warning dissemination should be to use appropriate means in concrete, ie alarms or other hearing equipment, fixed communication networks or mobile phones, television, radio, application computers, email or social networks. "

The Act also provides for “special vigilance”, which is the communication of a civil protection system that is about to occur or has a major accident or disaster, with the definition of the basic elements of the information being understood to allow the trigger to be established in accordance with the Integrated System of Protection and Relief Operations. The principle of taking complementary action within the scope of protection and relief.

Special warnings to civil protection systems are the responsibility of the National Civil Protection Agency within its territorial jurisdiction and municipal civil defence services.

Special alerts can be broadcast to civil defense systems via e-mail, fixed or mobile communication networks and emergency radio communication networks.

Risk monitoring, early warning and early warning systems are part of the government's efforts to improve the efficiency and prevention and relief of civil protection.

The “strategic goal” of the system is to increase readiness in the event of a major accident or disaster.

Last summer, when ANPC was declared the highest alert level, they sent mobile information to citizens of areas that were about to risk fire. This new system expands the range of entities that can send warnings to citizens, as well as the types of situations that may generate warnings, but the statute does not specify which.