Qinghai Province, China Built And Commissioned An Emergency Command Narrowband Wireless Communication Network

Date:Jun 12, 2020


On June 9, the Qinghai Provincial Emergency Management Department and Qinghai Province took the lead in building and commissioning a narrowband wireless communication network for emergency command across the country. This will greatly improve the emergency command communication support capability of Qinghai Province.

Xue Xiaolei, deputy director of the Department of Science and Technology and Information Technology of the Emergency Management Department of Qinghai Province, said that Qinghai Province is a region with frequent natural disasters, and disasters such as floods and earthquakes and geology often occur. When a major disaster occurs, it is often accompanied by the "three noes" of no electricity, no network, and no roads, which brings great difficulties to communication security.

To this end, Qinghai Province began to build a province-wide emergency command narrowband wireless communication network starting April 15. The staff adopts methods such as random test locations, random test equipment, random test personnel, and random simulation scenarios, and has accumulated more than 100 personnel (times) with a journey of more than 1,000 kilometers. It has a base station for LTE private network, Mesh ad hoc network, and narrowband. Self-organized networks, PDT base stations and other wireless broadband and narrowband private network communication technologies have been field tested, actively exploring how to rapidly deploy emergency command communications convergence platforms in extreme situations, break through interfaces and protocol barriers between various communication methods, and form emergency communications hub.

A few days ago, the staff completed the ministry-province joint debugging test to realize the coverage and interconnection of the department-province-city-county emergency management department and the provincial government, emergency management, fire rescue, earthquake monitoring and other fixed command sites.

Xue Xiaolei said that the construction and operation of the emergency command narrowband wireless communication network has functionally realized the integration of traditional voice communication to voice, data, and multimedia; technically, the integration of broadband, narrowband, Internet of Things, wired and wireless; network The composition has realized the integration of satellite network, public network and private network, and the test has achieved good results, which has laid a solid foundation for the construction of the "three networks" of the province's emergency command information network, satellite communication network, and wide and narrowband wireless communication network.