Radio Communication Of DMR Standard Will Be Developed In Tver Region

Date:Jan 07, 2021


In December 2020, 75 base stations (repeaters) were activated. Together with 322 mobile and portable radio devices, they will provide digital radio coverage for more than 80% of the Tver region.

In order to quickly solve problems in emergency situations, the region created a new radio communication system using DMR (Digital Mobile Radio) standards and home software. We are talking about ensuring independent departmental communications, including in hard-to-reach places in the area, and tracking the location of the brigade during rescue operations. The governor of Tver Region Igor Rudeni discussed this issue at a meeting with Rosseti Center General Manager Igor Makovsky.

For the Rossetti Center, this means saving a lot of time, energy and money to maintain the normal state of the network. For the Tver region, it guarantees the rapid recovery of the life support system.


"Our task is to improve the stability of power supply in the Upper Volga region, minimize power outages and voltage drops, and reduce the time to eliminate accidents. Every resident of the region should feel these positive changes," the region The government's news service quoted Igor Rudeni, the governor of the Tver region.

"The territory of the Tver region is characterized by forest cover and a large number of swamps, and in terms of the length of power lines, Tvernago is the largest branch of the Rossetti Center. The combination of these conditions and ensuring that the residents of the Upper Volga region provide The need for power supply reliability requires us to use the most advanced technology," Rossetti Center General Manager Igor Markowski quoted the news on the regional government website.