Radio Nacional De Colombia Releases A Stamp For Its 80 Years Of History

Date:Jan 22, 2021


On February 1, 1940, Radiodifusora Nacional de Colombia was born, a leading communication project in the continent that became a source of information, service and company for Colombians. In 2020, a different and atypical year, the 80th anniversary of Radio Nacional de Colombia has been broadcast and with it the sound, radio, cultural and plural history of the country.

Today public radio launched its stamp in tribute to so many years of broadcasting, to make known the diversity and identity that highlight and distinguish the regions of Colombia. This stamp was made by the philately headquarters of the National Postal Services 4-72 and designed by Radio Nacional de Colombia.


“Stamps or postage stamps record graphically and chronologically everything that happens in a country. A stamp is a piece of art, a stamp is a small gummed piece of paper. In this case, what can be seen in a size of 3x4 centimeters, which is what the stamp measures, are different cultural moments in the history of our country. This stamp implies the 80 years of one of the most beloved media and especially the one that reaches the corners of Colombia the easiest ”, announced Martha Lucy Giraldo, national head of philately of National Postal Services 4-72.

The stamp reflects the identity and values that represent Colombia and its history through faces, figures, landscapes seen from the radio.

“It reflects diversity and participation. As we know Colombia is an endless number of cultural and gastronomic expressions, ways of speaking and thinking. In the foreground are the faces that symbolize the people who make up the territory, the microphone symbolizes the radio. Behind them is an orange circle that symbolizes the sun and behind it, the sea. The blue waves that are behind this circle, symbolize the maritime wealth of the territory, its urban landscapes with silhouette ”, explained Harol Beltrán, designer of the stamp at Radio Nacional de Colombia.

In addition to the postage stamp, the philatelic collection folder contains an envelope of the first day of service illustrated with the image of the first mobile of public radio and television, as well as the newsletter that refers to this issue, from which already began to circulate 60 thousand postage stamps.

“Radio Nacional de Colombia has become both the voice and the listener of each individual who has participation within the Colombian territory. Radio has become that center of convergence in Colombia, in which all the diversity that had been talked about and that had been talked about, finds its place ”, stated Beltrán.

The launch of this stamp in tribute to the 80 years of Radio Nacional de Colombia, created in conjunction with 4-72, is part of 162 years of stamp creations in the country and is a symbol that reflects the representation of Colombians in the 32 regions of Colombia with their distinctions of language, gender, identity and cultural and environmental diversity, which is transmitted daily through the 57 public radio frequencies throughout the national territory.