Romanian Police Has Signed An Integrated All-in-one Camera Solution With Motorola Solutions

Date:Jul 16, 2020


The Romanian Police Chief Inspector, the Romanian National Police Force and the main civil law enforcement agencies have signed an integrated all-in-one camera solution, which includes 12,000 VB400 all-in-one cameras, including back-end VideoManager software to improve the safety of the police and the public, and Strengthen the accountability of its front-line police.

The Romanian police serves 22 million people, and the cameras worn on them will play an important role in supporting public safety. They have been proven to prevent aggression and protect frontline staff, and gain transparency and trust in the community. They can also provide safe evidence to assist in court proceedings. Facts have proven that wearable camera technology has inestimable value in proving the responsibility of all parties to collecting evidence and assisting in prosecuting cases in many police situations.

For 25 years, Motorola Solutions has been a partner of the Romanian Public Safety Organization, providing highly reliable and safe TETRA-standard digital radio solutions, including networks, radios and services. The Romanian police chief inspectorate signed a contract in 2018 to provide 10,000 MTP3550 portable two-way radios to its police force as part of an open tender.

The safety of the Romanian people and our officials remains crucial. These body-worn cameras allow us to continue to protect and serve the Romanian public in the safest and most effective way. "

"The Roman Ministry of the Interior and the Romanian police continue to view Motorola Solutions as a trusted partner, and we are very proud that we will continue to work to help ensure Romanian citizens and frontline security," said Michael Kaae, Motorola Solutions’ European Vice President .