RTCOMM Provided Satellite Communications For Service 112 In The Republic Of Dagestan, Russia

Date:Aug 26, 2020

Dagestan 112 emergency service

Satellite communications for the 112 emergency service in Dagestan will be provided by RTCOMM. This gives 112 operators a higher level of reliability-if the wired communication channel in one or more parts of the system fails, the satellite channel can be used at any time. According to the contract, a total of 149 access points are connected. All of these are integrated into a system for receiving and processing calls "Dagestan Republic 112 Service".

The satellite data transmission channel also retains the ground communication network to improve the reliability of its use. First of all, this applies to areas where there are no wired trunk lines and regional communication channels or the danger of being cut off due to the particularity of the climate or terrain. In this case, it is more important to further ensure the operation and communication activities of the 112 service, and the speed of its interaction with emergency operation services may affect the lives and health of citizens. RTCOMM provides satellite services at any time to solve these problems," the commercial director commented. "RTCOMM" Mikhail Mutterperl.

"Due to the tender, we have selected RTCOMM as the backup satellite communications provider for 112 services in the Republic of Dagestan. Based on the work already done in the contract, we can state the operations and professional activities of the satellite operators to provide our services Reliable 24/7 service support, said Dzhamaluttin Bagov, head of 112 Service Bureau of the Republic of Dagestan.