Russia Magadan Is Planning To Provide Kolyma With A National Project For Emergency Communications.

Date:Mar 20, 2019


On March 18th, the Russian state of Magadan hoped to complete the network communication of the Kolyma Federal Highway within the framework of the national project “Digital Economy”. On Monday, the state Duma of Magadan said Оксана Бондарь said.

According to her, in order to ensure communication, four rescue teams were established in the region in 2017, which helped to provide communication services for 24% of the highways.

“For our Magadan region, it is important to address the issue of the network coverage of the federal highway Kolyma within the framework of the “Digital Economy” national project, which has already submitted a proposal to the federal government to address this issue with the rescue team, she At the meeting, "Russia needs digital supervision and legal supervision in this area."

The representative also pointed out that the area originally provided the construction of the first four such rescue teams, but now decided to request funding from the federal authorities because of their high costs. The price of a rescue team is about 15 million rubles.

Emergency calls are especially important during the winter, where emergency call points are required to provide security and to assist in the event of an accident or emergency on a road in a remote area of the area where there is no network connection or any other assistance. They provide a warm room - a hot box - for heating people, medicines and other first aid equipment, warm clothing, water and food. The system also provides emergency calls to rescuers of the Joint Dispatcher Service (EDDS) 112.

The Russian national project “Digital Economy” consists of six projects: “Information Infrastructure”, “Digital Technology”, “Digital Public Management”, “Digital Environmental Regulations”, “Digital Economy Personnel” and “Information Security”. In general, it is planned to spend 1 trillion 63,349 billion rubles on its implementation.