Russia Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk Will Install 53 Emergency Communications Terminals Next Year

Date:Dec 19, 2019



Currently, people with disabilities in Sakhalin Island are more accessible. There are already 47 emergencies on the streets of the regional center. Even without a phone, the device can resort to operating services. By 2020, emergency communications terminals will continue to be located in Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk, and the number will reach 100.

To transfer information about an event, you must press the button. The signal then enters the call processing center "System-112". Anna Mikheeva, head of the Sakhalin area's civil defense, emergency protection and fire safety agency, said next year emergency services to the site will be available. -All residents, including the disabled, have access to emergency communication terminals.

The Sakhalin state government is actively working to inform persons with disabilities about the functions of System-112. Experts from the emergency call center regularly organize events for them, where they tell and demonstrate how the building works.

It is important for people with health issues to know how and where to find help in an emergency. As a result, the region's Ministry of Social Protection and the Civil Defence and Emergency Management Agency are actively raising the safety awareness of persons with disabilities, "said Elena Zakharchuk, head of the Russian Ministry of Social Policy.