Russian Amateur Radio Operator Captured The Signal Of Iran's First Military Satellite

Date:May 14, 2020


On April 24, the Aerospace Force of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard announced that the country ’s first military satellite, "Noor 1," had been launched and placed in 425 kilometers of orbit.

It is said that the "Noor 1" satellite is Iran's first multi-functional satellite used in the defense industry and other fields. It is also the first satellite in Iran that is expected to operate in Earth orbit for more than a year.

Recently, Russian amateur radio operator Dmitriy Pashkov claimed to capture the signal of this satellite.

Pashkov said: "I not only captured the signal, I solved his telemetry technology (information about the status of the satellite system), up to 1 bit. If I try, they can be converted into specific parameters for satellite transmission. "He says.

The satellite signal is transmitted with a frequency of 400 MHz and frequency shift switching (FSK) modulation, so the "Noor 1"'s transmitter looks like the same equipment made in China or Europe.

Paskov pointed out that many small commercial satellites use similar equipment.

The Russian expert also pointed out that the signal from the device is not stable, indicating that the satellite is spinning.