Russian Amateur Radio Receives Signals From Chinese Secret Objects From Space

Date:Sep 22, 2020

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A Russian amateur radio station can receive signals from a secret Chinese object in space. Enthusiastic witnesses to this incident thought it might be a satellite.

Russia's Dmitri Pashkov has an amateur radio station at home and collected data from a secret Chinese space object launched into orbit on September 4. He is the one who told the enthusiast in his personal blog.

According to experts, the data captured by Pashkov belonged to the reusable secret object launched by the rocket on February 2. The ship is similar to the American Boeing X-37B.

"I started searching for signals from the object in all possible frequency bands. Now, seven days later, my automatic signal search system (which is processing 4 TB of data) has notified me that two unidentified objects from two different orbits have been found Signal," Pashkov explained.

According to Pashkov, the signal "although it is sometimes intermittent, but quite stable." He concluded that the secret facility has a stable system, possibly a satellite.