Russian Central Emergency Department Issued An Emergency Warning About The Weather In Moscow

Date:Jun 03, 2020



On Wednesday, June 3, in Moscow, gusts of up to 15 m/s are expected. The Russian Ministry of Emergency Situations issued an emergency warning on this matter on June 2.

Due to high temperatures, peat swamp problems and the lack of foresters, the fire may be the worst in 10 years. , According to emergency services, in Moscow on Wednesday morning, starting from the southern region and moving further north, it is expected to rain and there may be thunderstorms.

For severe weather events, rescuers suggest that if possible, please refuse personal transportation. The Ministry of Emergency Affairs recalled: "Thunderstorms have caused a sharp deterioration in visibility on the road, which may lead to road traffic accidents."

If you find yourself on the street in the rain, try hiding in the main building, bypassing billboards and crumbling buildings, and not hiding under trees.

Earlier on Tuesday, the Russian Hydro-Meteorological Center announced that winds in the metropolitan area had designated its weather hazard as "yellow". According to a report on the TV channel "Star", the warning is valid until noon on June 3 (Wednesday) due to wind blowing.

As experts pointed out, the warm weather will return to Moscow and other cities in the European part of Russia on Thursday.

According to the scientific director of the European hydrometeorology center, Roman Villefand, the European territories in the country began in June with "true Arctic freshness". According to him, in the Kaliningrad region, Crimea, Krasnodar region, Tamil and the Russian Pacific coast, rainfall is expected to exceed normal levels.