Russian Government Proposes To Ask The Media And Telecommunications Operators To Report The Emergency

- Jun 12, 2019-


On June 11, the Russian government submitted a draft law to the Russian state Duma on the emergency situation of the telecommunications operators and media editorial committees to inform the public according to the relevant requirements of the authorities.

According to the draft, communications operators should issue a notification to one or another authority's media editing office, depending on the area of media distribution or the area in which communication services are provided.

 The document says “this depends on the form of media distribution (printing, electronic, television channels, broadcast channels) that the authorities will specify in circulation – broadcast (television channels, broadcast channels) or the release of urgent information (print media, online media) ".

At the same time, telecom operators have no obligation to implement the transmission of warning signals and emergency information, and the principle that media editors broadcast and publish emergency information in the draft law, current legislation.

The Russian government emphasizes that telecommunications operators and the media will not incur additional costs due to the adoption of a draft law on the implementation of measures to transfer user equipment communication services to user equipment and broadcast warning signals and/or emergency information, as the project will not give Participants bring a new burden.