Samsung Showcases Emergency Response Mobile Video Calls On Amazon Web Services

Date:Apr 09, 2020



Samsung Electronics demonstrated a mobile video call based on Amazon Web Services (AWS), which transmitted data, voice, and video for mission-critical communications. The technology is based on the 3GPP standard and is suitable for emergency personnel. In addition, the MCPTX solution can also be deployed on a local server or AWS server.

The MCPTX solution provides the ability to transmit rich data and video beyond the radio based on a private network. With the help of MCPTX solutions, emergency handling experts can contact hundreds of colleagues at the same time and send them videos, images, files, etc. in an emergency. The solution will help to improve situational awareness and information accuracy, especially in times of severe threats where local disasters or public safety are particularly important.

In the demonstration, the latest MCPTX solution products were used, which provided multimedia communication functions for emergency response experts and public safety officials. The call was made using the Samsung MCPTX service and Galaxy XCover FieldPro mobile phone.

The MCPX solution ensures the rapid deployment of communication networks and improves the scalability and flexibility of public safety service operators. By reducing the time required for the server to deploy internal data, resource utilization can be changed as needed. In addition, the service can be seamlessly switched to a part of the network, thereby improving the overall reliability of the system.