Santa Appears On Ham Radios Across The U.S. Before Christmas

Date:Dec 23, 2019


On Saturday, December 21st, Santa appeared on ham radios across the United States, and children around the United States could listen and ask him questions.

Amateur radio is used to contact Santa in real time.

It was organized by amateur radio operators who invited children and young people who are interested in talking to Santa at Buckley Baldwin VFW Post 2534 in Wisconsin Rapids.

"I think it's an opportunity for kids to actually talk to Santa Claus without having face to face contact, which sometimes makes them very nervous," said Tom Heiser, secretary of VFW Post 2534.

They can talk to Santa using the ham radio. There are approximately 700,000 FCC-licensed operators in the United States, which have been in existence for more than a hundred years, and are a way to communicate in an emergency when other communications infrastructure fails. Such an event is good practice.

"We use it to help with airborne, formal and informal messaging," said Myron Oestreich, assistant emergency coordinator and public information officer for Woods County ARES / RACES.

This is the fourth year in a row at Wood County ARES / RACES that brought Santa to Rapids, Wisconsin. Part of the task as amateur radio operators is to serve the community, so they partner with VFW to carry out activities.

Oestreich spread the message on social media, and a little girl in New Jersey could call.

"What kind of cookies do you want, Santa?" She asked.

The children who came to VFW on Saturday would fill out a paper sheet to provide Santa with some information, and then Oestreich paged Santa on Radio Ham.

Santa said, "You are among the best! You must have done very well this year."

Oestreich said: "Depending on their age, you usually see your eyes cheer up and start to bulge out, and then you'll be surprised when Santa actually talks to them and knows their name."

Even if you are just young in heart.

"Santa, good afternoon," said Michael Crohn, a retired law enforcement officer and emergency coordinator for ARES / RACES.

Santa Claus is actually located near the North Pole. He is currently a member of the local Ham Radio Club in Alaska.

Dreams come true for all ages.

"I want to buy a new car during Christmas, but it would be greedy," he said.