Sarasota County, USA Announced That It Has Selected RapidDeploy To Provide A New CAD System For Its 911 Emergency Communications Center

- Sep 04, 2019-


Sarasota County, Fla., USA, announced that it has selected RapidDeploy to provide its new 911-based computer-aided despatch (CAD) or network-assisted despatch system for its 911 emergency communications center to increase the flexibility of emergency communications centers.

Sally Lawrence, director of the 911 system in Sarasota County, said that moving the center's CAD system from a fully on-premise system to the network is an attractive plan.

Another major benefit of web-based protection is the protection of critical and sensitive data and evidence often obtained through the 911 CAD system, especially given the dramatic increase in cyberattacks on government and critical infrastructure networks in recent months, Lawrence said. RapidDeploy's CAD solution is hosted on the government's Microsoft Azure network disk, which has better resources than the county's internal staff to identify and handle such threats.