Saudi Arabia Will Launch Its Satellite Communications Next Month

Date:Jan 23, 2019

Saudi Arabia will launch its satellite communications SGS1 11:55 in Kourou, French Guiana, Wednesday afternoon, February 5, Greenwich Time.

In accordance with the technical requirements of the King Abdulaziz Science and Technology City to participate in the satellite, the US company Lockheed Martin is responsible for training and passing the technology of the construction industry and manufacturing that is qualified and localized with the target manufacturers. The transfer allowed some Saudi Arabian engineers to participate in testing and running satellites for functional and environmental testing.

In April 2018, the Saudi Arabian prince Mohamed bin Salman bin Abdul Aziz arrived at the company's headquarters in San Francisco and stayed during his visit to the United States. After inspecting the manufacturing stage, the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia and the Crown Prince decided to launch the moon, and the words on the moon were installed and the last piece was signed "click and drag".

The satellite offers a variety of applications, including television, telephone, internet, secure military wireless communications, and emergency communications with remote areas and disaster areas. The  satellite communications were operated by Lockheed Martin's wholly-owned subsidiary in Saudi Arabia and controlled by ground stations in Saudi Arabia.

A ceremony to be held during this period, held in a prestigious hotel, then the President of Saudi Arabia, Saudi Committee, Prince Sultan Bin Salman Bin Abdulaziz, Energy and Industrial and Mineral Resources , Engineer Khalid Faleh, and Science City's partners and senior technical representatives, Lockheed Martin and French space representatives, famous writers, editors and media representatives will attend.

The source confirmed that Saudi Arabia has ordered work, developed with many beneficiaries in the UK, and ordered the development of the orbital frequency and satellite system of the relevant regulatory authorities, and noted that 15 satellites have been launched nationwide and participated. A mission - to explore the dark side of the moon.