Seven 112 Emergency Communication Terminals Installed In Lipetsk, Russia

Date:Mar 06, 2020


Recently, seven 112 emergency communication terminals were installed in Lipetsk, Russia. They are located in Bykhanov Sad Recreation Park at Dubovaya Alley, Malibu, Oktyabrsky, Karat and Riviera Shopping Centres at Universitet skoye. The local government is studying the issue of further installation of 112 terminals on city streets, especially in places most vulnerable to crime.

The 112 emergency communication terminal allows the public to contact operational services and notify various events, or ask for help, regardless of whether the person has a phone, is available, or is available online. The signal from the terminal immediately reached the 112 station. Not only can experts hear the sound, they can also see who needs help through the camera and be able to assess the situation.

The principle of operation is simple-just press the call button on the terminal, briefly describe what happened, if possible, and the emergency services nearby will disappear.