Shandong Province, China Will Set Up 5 Regional Emergency Rescue Centers

- Sep 10, 2019-

Previously, China Shandong Provincial Party Committee Standing Committee held research meetings to form a regional emergency rescue center. 

Recently, the Shandong Provincial Party Committee has approved the establishment of emergency rescue centers in Shandong Province including forest fires, hazardous chemical accidents, natural disasters, mines and geological disasters, and marine disasters. It will serve as the emergency command center, combat support base, professional attack and comprehensive training base of Shandong Province, and undertake tasks such as catastrophic disasters, rapid response, rescue, safety, professional guidance and continuous support.

It is understood that the overall planning and layout of the Shandong Provincial Emergency Rescue Center is based on the nearest deployment, rapid dispatch, and efficient rescue, taking into account factors such as the distribution of major disaster risks and the scope of rescue forces, and positioning and layout functions.

Among them, the Forest Fire Emergency Rescue Center is built by the Taishan Fire Rescue Brigade of Tai'an City Fire Rescue Detachment, which undertakes forest fires, heavy rains, floods, mudslides and cliffs, ropeways, caves and other accident rescue missions in four cities;


The Emergency Rescue Center for Dangerous Chemicals Accidents and Disasters was built by the Shandong Firefighting Rescue Corps Central Shandong Fire Fighting and Emergency Rescue Center. It mainly undertakes large-scale petrochemical and hazardous chemical accident rescue missions in the central part of Shandong Province;

The Natural Disaster Emergency Rescue Center is built by the Jinan Fire and Rescue Detachment. It mainly undertakes emergency rescue missions such as earthquake and geological disasters and construction collapse accidents in Shandong Province, such as search and rescue and flood disasters, road accidents and high-speed rail accidents.

The Marine Disaster Emergency Rescue Center is built by the Qingdao Fire Rescue Detachment to undertake marine natural disasters, ship fires, and shipwreck emergency rescue missions in offshore waters;

The mine and geological disaster emergency rescue center was built by the YanKuang Group Company's rescue team belonging to YanKuang Group Company, focusing on the emergency rescue missions of mines, geological disasters, forest fires, earthquakes, floods and other accidents in five cities.

The 5 regional emergency rescue centers were built by the existing fire rescue team and the Shandong professional rescue team affiliated with the enterprise, registered as a legal entity of the institution, and 550 firefighters were prepared.china-shandong-firefighter

The funds required for the emergency rescue center shall be guaranteed by Shandong Finance. The Shandong Fire Rescue Corps and the Emergency Department will jointly prepare the development plan, formulate the annual plan, refine the specific systems and work measures such as construction, management and command, and rescue the fire rescue team and enterprises. Team building.

The Shandong Fire Rescue Corps and the Emergency Department are jointly responsible for the recruitment, management, assessment, promotion, and deployment of full-time firefighters. The full-time firefighters are treated according to the firefighter standards, and are supported by the fire rescue team and the professional rescue team. , undertake the backup and perform rescue missions.

The Shandong Fire Rescue Corps and the Emergency Department will conduct unified command to the Regional Emergency Rescue Center. The fire fighting and emergency rescue missions shall be dispatched and commanded by the local fire rescue detachment; in the event of a major disaster, the Shandong Fire Rescue Corps shall directly dispatch the command or command according to the Provincial Emergency Department. Dispatching command.