Indonesian Sleman Government Launches Emergency Call Service 112

Date:Mar 03, 2020



Recently, the Regency Government of Sleman County, Yogyakarta, Indonesia launched Emergency Call Service 112 to improve emergency services in Sleman County.

Radio transmissions by Sleman Regent at the Sleman Regency Mansion with the Director of the General Post and Information Technology Department of the Ministry of Communications and Information of the Republic of Indonesia, the head of Sleman Diskominfo and the chief executive of the relief agency in Sleman.
Sleman's Regency Chief Sri Purnomo launched 112 Emergency Services, which he said could speed up response to emergencies while reducing the time it takes to provide services to the community.

Sri Purnomo explained, "To meet emergency needs, the Sleman Regency government provides many emergency services, including disaster management, emergency services, rapid response forces and land services."

Sri Purnomo said the community has easier access to emergency call services, making it more practical and simpler.

He added: "This emergency service is free, so it can be done even without a cell phone."

At the same time, Ahmad M Ramli, Director General of Posts and Information Technology of the Ministry of Communications and Information, praised the launch of the 112 emergency call service in the Sleman Regency area.

He said that emergency call services have been activated in 42 regions / cities of Indonesia.

Through this step, you can judge that it can provide convenience to people who need emergency services.