Sound Of The Amateur Radio Disrupted The Flight Communication Between Bali And Pangkalan Bun In Surabaya, Indonesia

- Jun 25, 2019-


The sound of the amateur radio disrupted the flight communication between Bali and Pangkalan Bun in Surabaya, Indonesia.General Manager of Airnav Makassar, Novy Pantaryanto said,the 2019 report added complaints from a pilot in flight about amateur radio transmissions.“We received more than 18 reports on radio frequency interference flights in the early 2019 report,”Novy said to reporters in Makassar.According to him, the signal interruptions avoided by the aviation community require communication interruptions with air traffic controllers.In addition, amateur radio balloons may also impair flight safety. Especially when the number of aircraft is quite large,This condition is quite disturbing to safety in flight," he said.

It is alleged that Indonesian pilots have always complained that amateur radio equipment does not meet the standards.Because the aircraft is currently communicating with the Air Traffic Controller on land,the condition of the aircraft is being closed. "But the sound from the amateur radio disturbed the pilot," he said.