South Korea Releases Draft Proposal For 6G Network Research And Development

Date:Aug 19, 2020


The Ministry of Science and Information and Communication Technology (MSIT) of South Korea released the "Mobile Communication R&D Strategy in the 6G Network Era" on August 6. It plans to invest approximately US$168 million in the research and development of 6G network technology within 5 years starting from 2021, focusing on 6G international standards and Strengthen the industry to ensure that South Korea becomes the world's first country for commercial use of 6G networks after 5G networks. 

The South Korean government will first promote 10 tasks in six key areas of high performance, large bandwidth, high precision, hyperspace, hyperintelligence, and hypertrust, and select five main areas for the pilot project: digital healthcare, immersive content, automation Driving cars, digital cities and factories.