South Korea Telecom Releases Emergency Emergency Roaming Service For Telecommunication Disaster

Date:Jul 14, 2020



The Ministry of Science and Information Communication Technology of South Korea and South Korea Telecom (SK Telecom), KT and LG held a mobile communication roaming demonstration event at SK Telecom's Bundan office on the 25th.

This is the first time in the world to establish an emergency mobile communication roaming system to prepare for disasters. In the event of a communication disaster, it supports users to seamlessly use mobile communication services by using the communication networks of other operators.

In this demonstration, it is assumed that a disaster has occurred at the base stations of KT and LG. When a disaster alert was issued, the base station of SK Telecom’s national office received the operator identification codes of KT and LG U+ and sent radio waves to each LTE terminal. Voice and text will not affect the communication quality. Although considering the network situation, the data rate is limited to 100 kbps, but it is not convenient to use it in daily life due to concerns about the surge in data traffic.

3G network users can receive calls from existing numbers by applying call transfer services and opening SIM cards for paid services at mobile operator agents who have not yet experienced disasters. After the communication disaster ends, if you apply for trial costs and disaster costs during the disaster, you can get compensation in the future. The call charges incurred by 5G·LTE emergency roaming will be cleared later.

Disaster roaming, even if a specific telecommunications operator has a large-scale telecommunications disaster, it can provide users with stable telecommunications services and open up methods to deal with disasters. The Ministry of Science and Technology and these three mobile operators signed an agreement in April last year to establish an emergency roaming system in the event of a disaster and to start operations by establishing a disaster roaming network dedicated to each company with approximately 1 million lines .

Zhang Shiying, the second secretary of the Ministry of Science and Technology, said: "In the event of a disaster, mobile communication roaming will be an opportunity to improve the stability of mobile communication services. "In order to become the world's best disaster preparedness company, please do your best to manage the security of the communication network. "

Kang Telecom, Director of SK Telecom's ICT Infrastructure Center, said: "It makes sense, because even if a communication disaster occurs through disaster roaming, it can minimize user inconvenience. I will try."