South Korean Police Communications System Upgraded

Date:Dec 25, 2019



South Korean communications provider Hanswell will use its BEEHD technology to build a next-generation mission-critical communications (MCX) system for the South Korean Police Agency (NPA).

Hanswell CEO Seung-Cheon Han said: "This advancement is the first step for South Korean public safety agencies to equip first responders with the next-generation MCX system." "As a result, they will be able to support with Softil-based BEEHD The technology ’s new Hanswell MCX terminal is better served, protecting and ultimately saving lives. "

Softil CEO Pierre Hagendorf added: "The MCX replacement is in progress and we hope to deploy large-scale, next-generation critical communications solutions in public safety networks in the coming years."

MCX technology is based on a set of mission-critical communication standards developed by 3GPP and has proven to be more effective than previous VHF and Tetra terminals, which is why NPA decided to upgrade its communication system.

By the end of 2022, the command center of each police station in South Korea will be equipped with Hanswell base stations. Due to the extensive functions and characteristics of MCX technology, this small dispatching station will enable police stations to better coordinate, control and manage operations. The first deployment will begin in Gangwon Province in early 2021.

The fixed dispatching station will be able to communicate with police using mobile phones that support MCPTT / MCVideo / MCData and mobile phones that use traditional radios through RoIP gateways.

Emergency personnel's terminals will also include the latest voice and video standards EVS and H.265. Features will include voice communication with MCPTT, group video and video push, instant messaging, file and image sharing using MCData, and location sharing.

Softil's BEEHD technology is a cross-platform client framework designed to serve chipset vendors, device manufacturers, system integrators, application developers and service providers who want to accelerate Development of 3GPP-standard broadband mission-critical communication solutions. The framework complies with the 3GPP MCX Release 15 standard.

MCX technology was then transferred by police authorities and deployed to the fire department.