Spanish Guardia Special Force Deploys Motorola's P25 Radio System

Date:Jul 26, 2019



The National Special Forces of Guardia Civil in Spain are deploying Motorola Solution Project 25 (P25) standard radio. The deployed APX Series two-way radio will guarantee the security and encryption required for special operations. Guardia Civil is the first law enforcement agency in Spain with a history of 175 years of public safety protection.

“Secure communication is a core component of the department's operations,” commented Guardia Civil. “From our previous communications solutions, the solution we're looking for is cautious for covert operations, but powerful enough for long-distance direct-mode communication, and the Motorola solution's products are perfect for us, and there are high-level The sturdiness of the encryption and military standards."

The Motorola solution will provide special forces with hundreds of APX Series of encrypted handheld and in-vehicle radios as well as dedicated portable repeaters to provide secure communications wherever needed. All equipment will use the services provided by the Motorola solution, including priority support and fast turnaround time for repairs.


“We are very proud to work with the best law enforcement agencies in Spain,” said Sergio Redomero-Gonzalez, Sales Manager for Spain and Portugal at Motorola Systems. “Special department-selected solutions will help them communicate efficiently and cautiously in complex operations.”