Students From A Private School In Izmir, Turkey Contact The International Space Station

Date:Nov 07, 2019



A private school in Izmir, Karabakh, Turkey, the Turkish Amateur Radio Association (TRAC) has established a connection with the International Space Station Amateur Radio (ARISS).


Twenty primary school students were studying at school, and astronauts were curious at the station. The connection lasted about 10 minutes and the students were very excited.


"I am very glad to hear the voice of astronauts in space."


The project coordinator, Seren Dumlu, said that they have carried out many activities and have been conducting space-related research in the school environment for about a year. We know that in order to establish a radio connection with TRAC, we must educate our children. All of our students have received the necessary training and practice. Our children work with people to complete different tasks related to space and ask questions. To be fair, every child has the opportunity to prepare questions. We have had many rehearsals, and living at that moment today is a great feeling for us. I am very glad to hear the voice of astronauts in space. ”


"We brought the students of our country together with the astronauts in space."


Ali RızaÖzsaran, vice president of the TRAC Izmir branch, said: As the TRAC Izmir branch, we brought astronauts and astronauts to our country. This is a beautiful project. At the end of all the schools, we hope to make this work. We are conducting these studies with NASA. This is a beautiful day and we are very excited. The children are very excited and this is a successful job.