Swedish Telecom Operator Telia Launches Broadband Push-to-talk Service For Motorola Solutions

Date:Jun 29, 2020



Telia will become the first telecommunications provider in Northern Europe to provide a new solution that provides customers with instant push-to-talk, multimedia messaging and push-to-talk capabilities.

Swedish telecom operator Telia signs a contract with Motorola Solutions to provide its customers with the next generation, 3GPP-compliant and future-proof, mission-critical push-to-talk (MCPTT) solutions to improve operational efficiency, accelerate business productivity and enhance customers customer service.

Operator-integrated mission-critical broadband PTT service can instantly connect individuals and groups through Telia's LTE network, and has the possibility of a priority mechanism. The service also includes a number of enhanced multimedia services, such as one-click video, one-click text, geographic location and geo-fencing, device sharing, and operating status messages.

The contract marks the first operator-integrated mission-critical broadband PTT service supported by Motorola solutions to be launched in Northern Europe. In addition, Motorola Solutions will provide its LEX L11 radio through its local channel partner Celab Communications. The rugged, streamlined LEX L11 radio is designed with dedicated PTT, channel switches, programmable buttons, and emergency buttons for intuitive mission-critical operations. In addition, the device has high-quality audio performance, including noise and echo cancellation and howling suppression. All of these functions combine to create a highly reliable end-to-end solution that ranges from platform to network to end-user devices.