Tacoma City Grants Broadband PTT Radio Service Contract To ESChat

Date:Feb 14, 2019


The US city of Tacoma has signed a multi-year broadband push-to-talk (PTT) service contract with ESChat. Broadband PTT services provide radio-like communications over smartphones, tablets and PC devices over commercial wireless networks. The contract includes broadband PTT services and integration with the city's existing Motorola P25 public safety radio network. The integration of ESChat and Motorola's P25 system has been implemented using the P25 Inter-Subsystem Interface (ISSI) protocol and provides end-to-end encrypted communication between all users.motorola-broadband-ptt

Integrating broadband push-to-talk services with traditional public safety radio systems enhances the communication capabilities of first responders. Broadband PTT users communicate reliably with dispatchers and radio users in areas that are poorly distributed or outside of radio coverage. Choosing ESChat gives cities the flexibility to use the wireless carriers that best meet their needs, such as ESChat 

supporting push-to-talk communications between and among all wireless carriers.

The implementation of Tacoma City uses ISSI to integrate ESChat with the city's P25-compliant network. It is the most advanced choice for LMR-to-LTE integration technology and one of the first products to be put into commercial service. ESChat recently announced the universal availability of Phase II support for ISSI's P25 and the availability of dynamic encryption rekeys through the P25 key management tool. Both of these features are included in the Tacoma contract.

The award follows the 2017 Proposal Request (RFP) and Supplier Selection Verification Test. The delay between selection and reward includes a predetermined software update for Motorola's P25 standard land mobile radio (LMR) network and verification of the update using the ESChat system. Earlier this month, the integration of the ESChat system and the P25 ISSI with the urban radio network was completed.