Tait Hosts Interoperability Testing Of DMR Network

Date:Feb 11, 2019


The purpose of the visit was to use the Tait Tier 3 network infrastructure for interoperability testing and to meet the latest standards. Senior technical representatives from Simoco, Kirisun, Excera and Motorola were tested and everyone found their technology compatible with Tait's DMR T3 network.

Tait is the first company to bring the DMR T3 to market, not only to update interoperability to the latest standards, but also to provide opportunities for newer manufacturers in the DMR T3 market.

Recently, Tait received official interoperability confirmation through the DMR Association.
Interoperability is important because it provides customers with a wider range of equipment options and lowers prices. In wireless communication networks, various technologies and devices can only communicate with each other through the use of similar protocols and standard interfaces that have been defined and understood, implemented and tested by various parties. In the past, closed agreements meant that device manufacturers could only work with one or two other suppliers. The open agreement provides customers with flexibility and avoids vendor lock-in. So while some manufacturers still promote closed agreements - and may seem cheaper at first - it does not meet the long-term interests of customers.