Technical Solutions And Communication Strategies Of The Radio System In Holguín Are Awarded

Date:Jan 23, 2021



Holguín Radio System workers held the 2020 science and technical branch forum with the presentation of 13 papers that contribute to solving problems derived from technological obsolescence and improving the quality of programming, the message on social networks and communication with the people.

The jury, made up of Bárbara Sánchez Rojas, Yamila Pupo Otero, Luis Tamayo Cobas - Radio Angulo's leading specialists - awarded the Relevant category to nine works, while four were highlighted.

Yariseidis Hernández Llorente moved with his proposal: "Impact of Radio Ecos de Sagua in the coverage of Covid-19 in the settlements of the Turquino Plan", a work that was raised as Relevant. Also recognized in this category were the works "Adaptation of controls from the Opera console to the Soundcraft console", by Fernando Almanza from Radio Banes; as well as "Adaptation of the Sonifex console for the Master of Radio Angulo", by José Francisco Ochoa Cabrera, and "Writing manual for the social networks of the Radio Information System in Holguín" by the journalist Ania Delia Infante, these last presentations represented the provincial CMKO radio station.

From Radio Holguín, Mayelín Velázquez Armas stood out with his presentation "Psychology on Radio", a new look at radio communication, and the duet of Jesús Alfredo Molina and Enrique Fernández Vázquez for their work "Adaptation for a better operation of the Electric Group" .

The jury awarded Lisfreidis Pupo, from Radio Juvenil, for the set of two solutions to technical problems: "Manufacture of module for outdoor transmission" and "Protection of studio monitor amplifiers".

While the duo of Yuniesky Olivera and Jorge Rodríguez, also reached the highest category for the work "Application of mobile telephony in Urbano Noris, a complementary tool for the information system of Radio SG on social networks".

The Highlights were Daer Pozo, from Radio Juvenil, for the presentation of "Impact of the program With my family at home", as a result of the confinement due to the outbreak of Covid-19 in the Holguin municipality of Calixto García.

Dania Quiala Quiroga was also awarded for her work "Proyecto Gibara en la Radio" from the station of the same name that presented a report made when the so-called Villa Blanca de los Cangrejos was quarantined due to the current pandemic.

From Radio Holguín, the station that presented the greatest number of presentations, Ana Edesia Mendoza's work: "Communicative proposal to favor the reception of the radio message" was awarded the category of Outstanding, as did Richard Rubio Elías for his presentation "La Nueva Radio Holguín identity seal of the space it occupies in its time and the ether ".

In the closing, Danilo Expósito Quevedo, secretary of the Provincial Commission of the Forum, celebrated the quality of the event and highlighted the significant role of radio in journalistic coverage during the confrontation with Covid-19 and the innovation of the sector workers in Holguín province that face daily challenges in search of maintaining and raising the quality of programming.

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