Telstra And Motorola Solutions To Deliver Advanced Public Safety Communication Network For Tasmania

Date:Dec 23, 2020


Telstra and Motorola Solutions (NYSE: MSI) will provide Tasmanian emergency responders and government organizations with a very advanced, mission-critical communications network across the state to effectively respond to emergencies.


The contract for the design, construction, operation and maintenance of the Tasmanian Government Radio Network (TasGRN) will provide enhanced digital communication capabilities for public safety and essential service personnel throughout the state of Tasmania, and greatly improve the radio network Coverage.


The innovative network will be built on a feature-rich technology platform to provide various additional functions today and in the future. These services include broadband push-to-talk services, which enable seamless communication between radios, smartphones and other devices, and enhance the integration between the existing communication center operating system and Motorola's solution console.



In fulfilling the contract, Telstra will use its extensive experience in providing wireless communication services and managing radio systems for public safety agencies.


Telstra executive Gretchen Cooke said: "TasGRN will be Telstra's largest single project in Tasmania and will change the way government agencies communicate."


Ms. Cook said: "This new radio network will be more reliable, more resilient, and more secure, and will replace five separate systems so that Tasmanian emergency services can communicate with confidence to ensure The safety of Tasmanians."


Con Balaskas, Vice President of Motorola Solutions Australia and New Zealand, said: "The new communications services will enable Tasmania's emergency services to manage increasingly complex operational requirements-from fighting natural disasters to responding to changing security situations, and beyond. .


"The contract will provide instant and interoperable communications across multiple government organizations. The contract will provide custodial services to keep all key technologies, infrastructure and functions of TasGRN up to date.


Barlaskas said: "Our participation in major projects in Tasmania shows that we are committed to ensuring the highest level of safety for communities and emergency responders so that their lives are threatened every day to protect them."

The government radio network will be built in the next three years, and related services will run for 12 years.

Acting Prime Minister Rockcliffe said: “Once completed, the project will provide secure and critical voice and data communications as part of the Tasmanian government’s plan to ensure the safety of Tasmanians.”

"The initial user organizations were the Tasmanian Police, the Tasmanian Fire Service, the Tasmanian Ambulance, the National Emergency Service, the Tasmanian Sustainable Timber, the Ministry of Primary Industries, the Park, Water and environment, TASS network and Tasmanian hydropower.

"In the three-year construction phase, the project is expected to create about 50 jobs. Once the network is up and running, more than 30 additional positions will be created to help with the operation, maintenance and supervision of the network."


Telstra and Motorola Solutions have a long history of cooperating and providing services for mission-critical environments. In addition to TasGRN, Telstra and Motorola Solutions have also provided many successful public safety projects in Australia. This includes designing, constructing, operating and maintaining the Queensland Government wireless network and cooperating to provide many communication networks and services for Victorian public safety agencies.