Teltronic Will Supply On-board TETRA Mobile Radio For Finnish Railway Locomotives

Date:Aug 12, 2020


Teltronic, a subsidiary of Hytera, will provide TETRA mobile radio to the Finnish state-owned railway company VR Group to manufacture and supply 60 new locomotives.

Teltronic will provide a total of 60 RTP-300 mobile radios that comply with EN50155/EN45545. The device can provide voice and data services and a series of functions that enable it to be integrated with other devices. Railway communication system.

In addition, another 60 RCC-3000s, an advanced touch-screen console and audio accessories for the driver's voice communication will be provided.

The equipment has already proven its efficiency in previous projects. VR Group chose to switch from GSM-R to TETRA system and chose Teltronic to provide on-board equipment.

"This project means to consolidate our position in Finland, which is a country that implements the TETRA system in the railway environment, and Teltronic already has different successful experiences in this area; with this new reference, we are strengthening our connection with Stadler , The company thanks them for their trust and hopes that we will continue to cooperate in the future.” Teltronic’s Director of Transportation Business Development Felipe Sanjuán explained.

60 new diesel-electric locomotives to be manufactured in Valencia, which can be used as shunting locomotives as well as hauling freight and passenger trains, and will increase the operational efficiency in marshalling yards, freight stations and composing non-electric lines by 45% of the Finnish railway network .