Thai Ministry Of Interior Gives Instructions To Deal With The Upcoming Floods And Landslides

- Jun 04, 2019-

On June 1, General Anuphong Phaochinda, Minister of the Interior of Thailand, said that in response to floods and landslides. By having all governors do the following work.

1. Establish a mechanism for coordinated operations Public Relations Center Join a group of expert consultants, operations, management and support departments. In order to create unity and efficiency, clear responsibility is provided for the area of responsibility.

2. Establish a working group to supervise the situation of the provincial accident command center. Tracking weather, water management analysis and assessment If you assess the situation, you will find a trend of disasters, submit permissions according to the law, alert the alarm, and immediately evacuate personnel from the danger zone to the safety point

3. Announcement of notices, operating in all channels Formal and informal forms, such as the establishment of online media, community radio, rural broadcast towers, including village heads, volunteer networks.

4. Provide relevant departments to check the safety area for public evacuation. And improve the evacuation plan for the risk area to prepare for rehearsing the public about designated routes and safe locations

5. In the coastal areas, merge with agencies responsible for supervising transportation, marine and tourism. Develop measures to prohibit navigation from entering or entering the shore. If violation of government announcements or orders, legal action is required in all cases.flood-disaster-in-thailand

6. In a province with natural attractions If there is a risk of disaster, such as Tham Tham Lod Cave, please order the agency to inform, inform, and block the area. And strictly prohibit visitors or anyone from entering the area. Monitor the area 24 hours a day.

General Anuphong emphasized the establishment of command area incident command centers in all provinces. Local emergency operations centers and agencies respond to the province's flood plan to prepare employee strength disaster mechanical materials, equipment and safety areas to support evacuation personnel to prepare 24 hours a day, and organize government agencies, military units, local government organizations, private prevention and mitigation networks Communication system is ready and working with the private sector to find solutions to problems

"If there is an emergency monitoring of the community, the economic zone and various important places by arranging staff disaster machinery, such as early pumping, if the flood situation occurs in the area to the administrative department, military units, local government organizations accelerate to often suffer this The people who are troubled by the cycle provide a process of livelihood assistance. At the same time, they invite people to help the victims to participate in government departments according to their skills and abilities and accelerate the drainage and waterways of various water sources in order to solve the most direct flood problems,” said General Anuphong.... ..