Thai National Radio And Television Committee Celebrates Its 8th Anniversary

Date:Oct 15, 2019



October 7, 2019 is the eighth anniversary of the establishment of the Thai National Radio and Television Committee (NBTC). The Chairman of the Committee, Sukit Khamasoonthorn, said that there are currently six National Broadcasting and Telecommunications Commissioners to perform frequency allocation and management tasks. Satellite corporate governance creates fair competition for the broadcasting industry. Television services and telecommunications protect consumers from the use of standardized services at fair prices. Greater telecommunications infrastructure will be built to support the increased public use each year, including the promotion of 5G networks to support the development of digital communications.

General Sukit said that in the past eight years, NBTC has fulfilled its duties. Spectrum management is the country's best interest resource. NBTC has launched the 2.1 GHz spectrum auction and 3G spectrum auction, which is considered to be the first spectrum auction in Thailand in 2012, which is a turning point in spectrum management. The telecommunications business continued from the concession contract system to the licensing system auction until 2019.

“The National Broadcasting and Telecommunications Commission has allocated frequency for 5G network testing and has partnered with leading universities to test Thailand's 5G network technology and will collaborate to test 5G networks in the industrial sector, which will become important users of 5G networks. Meanwhile, Thailand From analog TV to digital mode .The transition of television has made more people see TV.thai_digital_tv_station

In addition to solving the current digital TV problem, it also supports the production of ratings to improve program quality, said General Sukit.

In the event of a disaster, the National Broadcasting and Television Commission Office will coordinate all operators. Check and monitor the quality of radio signals

And accelerate the repair of telecommunication base stations, including potentially damaged devices, so that people can seamlessly communicate with each department to communicate to help the victims, the National Radio and Television Committee office is a radio communication network. National amateur broadcasting is available under all conditions.

“In the future, NBTC will continue to perform its tasks to achieve the results of establishing an independent organization.

Matching frequency and satellite management services In order to maximize the interests of the country, the country, and the people in the broadcasting business, TV business telecommunications is more effective, including protecting consumers from using quality services. General Sukit said.