Thailand Bangkok Mass Transit System Will Use Teltronic TETRA Radio Communication System

Date:May 15, 2020

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Teltronic, a subsidiary of Sepura, which is now part of Hytera, has become a supplier of TETRA for AMR. It will build a radio system that complies with TETRA standards in an Automated People Mover system (APM) line under construction, which will become Bangkok Mass Transit System (BTS).

Teltronic will provide its end-to-end solutions, including its high-capacity switching control node, site base station), SC20 handheld radio and mobile radio. Communication will be managed through Teltronic's Command and Control Center (CeCoCo).

"We are honored to be able to rely on AMR Asia to provide mission-critical communications for the Gold Line project. Thailand is an important country for us in the next few years. Driven by many new railway projects, Thailand has strong growth potential." Josep Jonch, Director of Teltronic Asia Pacific Say.

The system will provide key voice and data services to support BTS operations. It will connect existing Green Line new real estate, commercial development, and public medical facilities such as Iconsiam and Taksin hospitals, with an estimated 47,000 passengers per day. In the subsequent stage, a second stretch will be performed to complete the entire length of the project and will reach the Purple line.

"The project once again demonstrates the versatility and reliability of the TETRA standard in the transportation environment, as well as the bright future of the technology. TETRA equipment manufacturers continue to innovate through the development of new technologies every year. Felipe Sanjuán, Director of Transportation Business Development at Teltronic In the next few years, where other radio technologies will be scrapped, the TETRA standard is reliable, and it will appear for many years to come.