Thailand Has Established A Network Of Volunteers From 11 Countries

Date:Nov 19, 2019


On November 16, 2019, the National Radio and Telecommunications Commission of Thailand launched an event for the International Volunteer Memorial Alliance. At the auspicious occasion of the coronation ceremony, a forum was held to share experiences and experiences. “Crisis communication” to develop amateur radios ready to deal with emergencies and disasters. And build a network of volunteers from 11 countries.


In cooperation with the Thai Amateur Radio Association, under the auspices of the Royal Society and the Radio Volunteers Association, representatives of the International Amateur Radio Union member countries (International Amateur Radio Union or IARU) and amateur radios from 11 countries will be invited to the amateur radio service. Achieved an agreement to cooperate in the event of a disaster

During the event, representatives from Germany, Japan, Indonesia, the Philippines, and Luxembourg will share their experiences in disaster response. In Thailand, Tham Luang's case study and a presentation on emergency medical improvement projects.

National Radio and Telecommunications Commission Secretary-General Thakon Tanthasit said that there are currently more than 400,000 primary, intermediate and advanced amateur trainees in Thailand, some of whom require signals. According to the Office of the National Broadcasting Commission, more than 200,000 people were called. At present, there are 76,436 amateur radios and amateur radios. In an emergency, when there is no disaster, especially when the main communication network is not available, all of them can become an important force to help communicate.

“Radio communications will be an important communication device that will play a role in these crises. It is used for communication to coordinate the assistance of various departments. Encourage those activities or help people in the region to stay in touch and help develop skills to better handle emergencies. And disaster is an important force. In addition to the database of amateur radio, the International Volunteers Alliance is also ready to help Thailand in the event of a disaster."