The Chairman Of Disaster And Emergency Management Of The Turkish Disaster Management Authority Pointed Out The Importance Of Disaster And Emergency Kits To Prepare Before Possible Disasters

Date:Mar 04, 2021



In a written statement from the Turkish Disaster Management Agency (AFAD), the "disaster and emergency kit" that saves emergency needs and valuable documents can save the lives of the person and his loved ones.

The statement said that in the first few hours after the disaster, the emergency team was ready to meet urgently needed luggage. The list should include the following:

"A raincoat not only protects you from rain, but also protects you from dust, dirt and similar effects during disasters, protects your health, and provides you with the latest trends in battery-powered radios, notebooks and pen notes. , Soap and toilet paper to meet your cleaning needs, garbage bags and bags for storing garbage, tape, tape, toothbrush and paste for personal cleaning that can be used when needed, whistle that can help you determine where to communicate Sound, a flashlight that can meet your lighting needs, a spare battery for radios and lanterns, a waterproof and windproof device that can maintain the current temperature, low temperature and similar conditions. The emergency protective cover can protect you from water and dry food that will not deteriorate for a long time , Health records and medicines, copies of important documents (identity, etc.), first aid kits."

The statement emphasized that the prepared bag should be updated every 6 months, and reminded people that if there are people with disabilities, children, infants, the elderly or people with chronic diseases in the home, it is necessary to consider the special needs of these people. If you have pets, also Its material should be placed.