The City Of Bas-Romagna, Italy Launches Mobile Phone Software Emergency Communications

Date:Oct 13, 2020


Il canale Telegram delle emergenze-2

The Union of Municipal Governments of Bas-Romagna in Italy has launched a new communication channel for all emergencies affecting the territory. This is a Telegram channel, alongside many communication tools already in use: Facebook page, agency website, civil defense alert system and press office service. To access this channel from the free phone of the local police, you only need to install Telegram on your phone or computer Messaging application.

This is a passive channel, which means that users will be able to read information, but cannot write information. All weather warnings about Lower Romagna and any other types of emergencies (river flooding, discovery of war equipment, safety regulations, etc.) will be posted on the channel. Channel registration is free and free. Channel activation is part of the entire emergency communication process update. It was revised after the Covid19 health emergency, and the new emergency communication protocol was approved. Union and the city of Lower Romagna.