The Faculty Of Social And Political Sciences (FISIP) At The University Of Indonesia In Masaka Held The Web Event

Date:Jun 08, 2020


The Faculty of Social and Political Sciences (FISIP) at the University of Indonesia in Masaka held the WebinarSeries-Talk3 event, with the theme "Communication of Disaster Emergency Policy of Covid-19".

Speakers for the event included Wijayanto (LP3ES / FISIP UNDIP Academic Director Semarang) Riant Nugroho (public policy expert), Puji Lestari (Yogyakar Veterans Union disaster communications expert) Ismail Hajiali (Director of Makassar City Information and Communication Office) /Counsel Working Group of Legal Counsel)-19 Makassar City) and Muhlis Madani (FISIP Unismuh Makassar Public Policy Expert).

The director of FISIP, Ihyani Malik, said at the opening ceremony that this activity was an institutional response to the chaotic government communication during the Covid-19 pandemic. The various policy statements issued by government officials overlap and offset each other. There are so many voices in a government channel.

"The discussions using this online platform are a series of activities. I hope the content discussed will inspire all parties," he said Tuesday.

Wijayanto, director of the LP3ES Media and Democracy Center, explores the government’s communication process from time to time, which is full of uncertainty. He said that the policy communication crisis occurred due to various reasons. Among other things: lack of leadership, too many participants in policy communication, lack of coordination, and failure to prioritize.

UNDIP FISIP Academic said: "In the future, I hope that the government will be more rapid, transparent, consistent, clear and accurate in the management policy communication stage."

At the same time, public policy expert Riant Nugroho explained the government communication model related to the needs of the people. He reminded the government to make firm boundaries.

"It is time for the government to communicate policy rather than political exchanges. It is time for the buzz of the government to spread out," he explained.

Puji Lestari, a disaster communications expert at UPN Yogyakarta's senior journalists, explored the substance and technology of communications in disaster situations.

"There are many problems there, but effectiveness must take precedence over perfection. He hopes that the community will also show sympathy and sympathy for the government's work. Puzi said: "Only in this way can communication be established between the government and the community.

Ismail Hajiali, head of the Office of Communications and Information in Makassar, conveyed the achievements and communication challenges of the City of Makassar during the Covid-19 pandemic. He described the municipal government's ability to respond to all central government policies. Regarding the situation after PSBB, Ismail hopes that the public's understanding of compliance with the hygiene agreement will change.

Muhlis Madani, a public policy expert at FISIP Unismuh, explained that policy inconsistencies and overlaps also occur at the local government level. Between the provincial government and the municipal government and between municipal governments. Muhlis believes that the local government's commitment to disclose Covid-19's handling of policy information is not high.

In the Q&A session, scholars from Palembang, Jakarta, Kodiri, Mataram and Medan shared their experiences and provided opinions. The speaker answered all participants' questions interactively.