The Ministry Of Security Received Communications Equipment For Security In Border Areas

Date:Jan 16, 2021


Through an important investment, the Ministry of National Security headed by Sabina Frederic yesterday received the P25 Radio Communications equipment from the United States that will be used by federal forces along the border line that includes Puerto Iguazú , Puerto Esperanza, El Dorado, Posadas and ends in Itatí.

In this way, the Security portfolio will begin with the location of the Communication Sites, that is, of the infrastructure composed of a booth, an antenna and an electrical installation that provide the channels that allow the connection between the handies carried by the agents. .

“The investment that is materializing in the arrival of the calls to be able to give the P-25 network, which are georeferenced, encrypted and security communications used by the four Federal Forces is of great importance. This is a communication system of the Forces that began as a project in 2006 and continues to this day. The five antennas are going to be located in the provinces of Misiones and Corrientes in an area of high operability, "said the minister after receiving the equipment at the Ministro Pistarini International Airport in Ezeiza. In addition, he added: “it is also important because it consolidates a joint work of the four Federal Forces, which share the communication system and have defined, through technical work, which are the places where these antennas are to be installed. It will improve the speed in the operation and guarantee the care of the personnel. It allows all those a quick and clear communication ”.

The equipment is part of a comprehensive investment in the APCO P25 technology communication system, encrypted via protocol. In addition to replacing the obsolete and inadequate communications system for security in the border area, it has modern and specific characteristics for the region. As has already been recorded, several of the items acquired during the previous management were inappropriate for the places to which they were destined or for which they were purchased.

In this case, Frederic's portfolio incorporated communication equipment with encryption technology, since this is required as a secure communication tool between federal forces and their agents. In fact, those acquired now are intended to replace devices that have been used and are not in a position to use encryption technology. For this reason, they do not provide security regarding who can access the communications of the Security Forces. That is, until today the forces themselves lacked the necessary protection for the efficiency of their operations, as well as for the protection of their workers. From the incorporation of this technology, the total encryption of the communication lines used by the Forces in the P25 trunked communications network is possible.


As explained by the Secretary for Institutional Coordination, Welfare, Control and Transparency, Daniel Fihman, it is "an investment of 9 million dollars, but, if we put it in context, we are talking about an investment of more than 1,070,000,000 pesos , since it includes the equipment we received today and the purchase of batteries and more elements that were in a deplorable state ”. Later, he added: "this reception is part of the acquisition made by the Ministry aimed at improving communications exchanged between the four Federal Forces that depend on this Ministry of Security."

With the purchase of 11,380 batteries for Motorola equipment models XTS 2250, APX 2000, APX 5000 and APX 8000, in addition, it will be possible to have real-time and georeferenced monitoring of the deployment of each agent that owns this equipment anywhere in the country. This total investment was greater than 12 million dollars (its final amount in pesos is determined by the price of the US dollar at the time of the execution of the purchase).

In the afternoon, the officials went to the premises of the BGH company in the town of Carlos Spegazzini, province of Buenos Aires, where the equipment was transferred.

The Motorola Solutions executive, Arturo Carpani Costa, stated: “the most important contribution that this has is that it is part of the Federal Communications Plan, used by the Federal Forces to have encrypted, protected, secure communications, which are also integrated with all the communications that occur at the country level and provides first-rate technology to carry out management, logistics, security tasks and in the event of any emergency, such as a rescue ”.

In addition to the minister, the event was attended by the Chief Commissioner of the PFA, Edgardo Ortigoza, the Executive Director of the Center for Analysis, Command and Control of the PSA, Maximiliano Lencina; the General Director of Support for the National Gendarmerie, Manuel Caraballo; the Director of Informatics and Communications and Director of the Inspector General of the PNA, Víctor Chesini, the Director of Technical Management, Sebastián Dameno and the Coordinator of Strategic Planning, Pamela Esteve and executives of the company BGH.


The P25 mission critical radio communication system (Project25 is the name of the standard) is one of the most innovative in the world. This technology allows the positioning of each assigned terminal and presents this data on a map that makes it possible to manage the resource, both in normal operating conditions and in the case of response to an event in which additional troops are summoned to resolve a critical situation . Likewise, the teams have a special button dedicated to declaring an emergency, such as a road accident, a public safety event, or any situation that endangers the lives of people.

In addition, the system operates with high levels of encryption designed so that communications cannot be overheard by external individuals. The main benefit is that, in this way, the tasks of the federal forces in the deployment area can be more efficiently coordinated and communicated. Ultimately, it is a mission-critical system, designed for the specific need of public safety, thinking about the centrality of the protection provided by communications.

This system, on the other hand, is the same one that is being used in some of the greatest international public security challenges. More than 90 countries use P25 systems from Motorola Solutions, a company that has more than 550 P25 systems installed and 34 national and provincial / state coverage systems.

It should be noted that 40% of the antennas with the P25 system installed on the northern border of the country were without maintenance since 2018. To this were added 5,690 handies with over-extended batteries that the federal forces had to use in operations against drug trafficking . The divestment in the radar and encrypted communication system -a constant of the previous administration- affected a coverage area that includes the CABA, the AMBA and other places where the PFA and the GNA carry out patrols and controls.

Likewise, the corridor where this modern communication system will be installed covers the section that runs from Puerto Iguazú, Puerto Esperanza, El Dorado, Posadas and ends in Itatí. Currently, the communication signal on this trace is unstable and, in many places, practically nil. It is in these areas where the forces carry out coordinated actions, often in hostile terrain, where encrypted and geolocated communication is essential.

In relation to the transmitting antenna system, an investment plan was established, which is already under development, and in which USD12,444,615 and $ 98,808,000 were invested for the face-to-face and remote maintenance of all the equipment of communications, the support infrastructure, the transmission system, together with the towers and antennas.